SolutionFull control

From the first commercial contact to the delivery, zero reset, zero loss of information

Our solution combines CRM and operational services management (ERP): Sales administration, inventory tracking and a user centric interface that is user friendly and accessible. From the head office to headquarters, the data circulates throughout the chain of processing and follow ups, completed as the sales record progresses, without breaks in the process, without informational files or disconnection, in compliance with company management rules/processes

100% compatible, customizable and scalable

Our solution is not closed: it connects to the existing ERP, without changing the architecture of the information system or hardware. The interface is fully customizable to the charter of the brand user. The degree of confidentiality, the validation levels and the accessibility of the data in the hierarchical chain are parameterized on request. Adaptations to business practices, processes and specificities are applied as required, and regular updates follow the evolution of the organization.

Unique inventory tracking and logistics capabilities

• Publications on the website and social networks of the products taken over and put on sale.
• Follow-up of clearance, arrivals… keeping the commercial information on the same board.
• Physical monitoring of product : landings, transfers, deliveries, declaration of damage, insurance statements and blocking assignment / billing / transfer.

SolutionFull business

Access everywhere

Our solution works in all locations and on the move, on all types of terminals (computer, tablet, Android and IOS smartphone) Online or offline (the data is synchronized when the connection is restored).

One tool to do business on the ground, and make the best strategic choices at headquarters

Our solution answers both the needs of the sales teams (simplicity of use, modernity, roaming, flexibility …), and the requirements of support functions and top management: to have the right data (homogeneous, standardized, reliable, consistent) , Shareable, exploitable …) to convert them into good decisions. The real-time production of sales journals and inventory management allows a global and centralized view of the figures of subsidiaries / countries (outstanding orders, billings, margins …), brought together in a single strategic reporting table.

Advanced business management capabilities

• Follow-up of the first approach to delivery, with a history of all proforma and purchase orders.
• Detection of any discounts already applied by another point of sale for the same customer (optional function, limited to the only data of the applied discount without access to the entire sales folder).

SolutionFull performance

In front or back office, facilitates all trade, wherever it is.

Our solution gives each user in the sales chain access to the information and functionalities they need at their level to perform. Transmission of the sales file is simplified, automatic and secure.
Retailers and dealers manage their customer portfolio (accounts, history, proformas, purchase orders, etc.), have an enriched catalog (photos, videos, technical data sheets), a list of products on order and in stock, and A reading of the data that helps them maximize the value of each prospect.
The sales managers visualize and validate the business directly, reserve the products 100% in conformity with the order while ensuring a better management of the delays and inventories FIFO.
The sales department follows each file and provides additional information (customer details, financing terms, cost accounting, billing request, asset request).
The logistics department manages the position of the products, from the arrival of the product in the country until delivery to the final customer.

A new source of commercial creativity, productivity and collaborative emulation

Our solution goes beyond the management tool. Data sharing allows for innovation in customer knowledge and relationships. The progress bars of business facilitate the motivation and collaborative dynamic actions (at the commercial level, or between operational and functional teams).

Extensive contact management capabilities and order processing

• Contacts : synchronization with messaging, detection of duplicate entries, segmentation for better targeting, sending request to create a record…
• Calendar : synchronization with the messaging agenda, relaunching leads for business operations and reminding customers for scheduling deliveries.
• Orders : automatic transmission to the sales administration for processing, suggestion of products to be allocated according to aging in stock and their tariff regimes…