Everything for well integrated and well-used solutions

A complete accompaniment

• Project management: a dedicated contact with all decision makers and stakeholders to be involved internally.

• Understanding of objectives, process analysis, collection of specific needs, anticipation of changes …

• Conduct change and communication to prepare teams, encourage their participation in the project, help them to perceive the benefits of the solution in order to better take ownership of it.

Deployment adjusted according to your requests

• Connection to your billing / ERP / DMS software, customized settings (existing data, new processes, user profiles …), customization of graphics …

• Continued collaboration with IT managers to accelerate self-reliance.

A training methodology

• Preparation of learners via e-learning modules with follow-up rates and results.

• In-house training with practical cases before putting into production, assistance during the deployment with presence of the trainer to accompany each user in the grip until the autonomy.

• Training provided by experts in pedagogy.

Reactive technical support

• Assistance requests processed by mail and telephone, with constant availability, especially during sensitive periods of billing clarification.

Listening to your evolutions

• The project manager always dedicated to your post-deployment requests: definition of new needs, development of complementary solutions, advice for the adaptation of processes, optimization of the use of functionalities via communication and training …

• For your new employees, provision of on-line training modules or pre-training sessions according to your wishes.